drive-in style church

Hey friends,

Exciting news… Join us at 11am in our parking lot as we try something new - CHURCH… DRIVE-IN STYLE!  

(No other activities will be meeting this week including: Life Groups, Sunday Morning Bible Classes, or Wednesday Night Studies & Activities.)

We cannot wait for this exciting time to worship together... even as we apply social distancing guidelines.  So, stay in your car and keep your windows up, but TUNE in on your FM radio as we hear our pastor speak God’s Word live from the parking lot, listen to our worship team praise, and gather together in our cars side by side. 

We’re eager to see your faces (through your windows) and watch the Lord work this Sunday.  

TELL EVERYONE!  If you’re close to the Locust Grove area… DRIVE-IN WITH US! 

Signage will be displayed on campus with further directions & social media will be up to date, so be sure to stay tuned.

Kids will also have a special online service! On Sunday Morning at 11:15am kids can find the 'First LG Kids' channel on YouTube or find the 'Kids' section on our website with the current videos. So bring a tablet or phone that can connect to the internet (also headphones would be a good idea). Kids will have their own special message alongside our adult message.

If you have any concerns about public gatherings or you’re feeling sick in any way, please stay home & join us online!  Our 11am message will be streamed live on our welcome page and will later be available on our website in our Watch & Listen page.

There will be exciting days ahead when we are all able to meet together again!  In the meantime, remember to use every opportunity to share the love and hope of Jesus with everyone you come in contact with. Praying for you, our community, our nation, and our church!

We cannot wait to connect with you in this new way!