Wednesday nights


Wednesday night studies are medium size groups that meet weekly to pray, study the Bible & talk.  

Maybe you're not quite ready to commit to a small group...

Or, maybe you're looking for a place to belong while your children are engaged in activities...

This may be a space for you!

A home-cooked meal is also available each week at 5:30pm.

For more info & to register, see below:

(Specific group location given once the group is joined.)

  • Dinner

    A home-cooked meal is available each week at 5:30pm for a small fee.

    Cost:  $5 Individuals | $15 Families

  • "utilizing the power within you"

    Facilitator:  Terry Hazelrig
    Location:  Choir Suite
    Time:  Wednesdays, 6:30pm

    Everyone is welcome as we dig deeper into what the Bible says about...

    • Sin:  What happens & what are the consequences
    • How to handle temptation
    • What does repentance look like
    • Is it important to pray & how do I pray
    • Can I live a life pleasing to God w/ all my past mistakes
    • Do I have a spiritual gift & how do I discover it
    • How do I know that I'm saved
    • Is the Bible really the very word of God

    Join us as we engage in discussion & learn how to move forward as passionate followers of Jesus!

  • "The Mysteries... 

    and Blessings of Revelation!"

    Facilitator:  Jeff Mills
    Location:  Adult Hall (across from Cafe)
    Time:  Wednesdays, 6:30pm

    A verse-by-verse study of the amazing book of Revelation.